Trops Delivers Amazing Chocolate Sauce

My daughter Emily making a mocha

Trop's Chocolates has taken many shapes over the last 34 years including a retail store in an upscale mall in Southern California, booths at many farmer's markets and recently our store in Gig Harbor, Washington. In addition to our chocolate sauces, in the past we have made gourmet chocolates and molded chocolate boxes along with wedding favors, chocolate dipped brownies and grahams. Right now, we specialize in manufacturing just sauces and delivering them to coffee shops in the Northwest and anyone else who wants the best sauces for their products.

What's so Special About our Sauces?

We start our chocolate sauce with real Belgian chocolate instead of cheaper cocoa powder. Then we create our own syrup from non GMO cane sugar instead of corn syrup. We mix it in ultra small batches adding fresh local cream and a dash of real vanilla. For our white chocolate sauce, we use a pound of real Belgian white chocolate in each jug. Our caramel sauce is a totally different mixture using fresh local cream, milk, cane sugar, butter, and real vanilla. We boil it in even smaller batches for an hour to carmelize the sugars and get just the right color and flavor.  We make them all to order and deliver them locally every week to supply you with the freshest product available.

How do You Get This Fine Product?

Don't go looking for us at any supplier because we don't use them. We go directly to you and to get samples, just call or text or email and we'll take care of the rest. My phone is 253-380-4018 and email is  I check my phone and email 7 days a week all day so don't be shy. Just contact me and find out how good sauces can be.